November 13, 2013

burch don't kill my vibe

 (tory burch heels, essie nail polish)

I almost never wear high heels.  I'm clumsy and I have trouble walking in a straight line, unless my toes and heels are on the same elevation level.  I also have the tendency to climb things and run sporadically - and let's face it, I always take the short cut, even if that means walking through a construction site.

Fancy shoes don't survive for very long in my world.

Still, I love this pair of heels.  They look like something you would wear on safari.  I can picture sitting in the back of a topless jeep, scanning the horizon for ivory hunters and ravenous lions.  Of course I would wear high heels in that kind of situation - it's not like you can outrun a lion, anyhow.  What would Beryl Markham do?

November 7, 2013

have you any tapestries?

I like to wear lots of contrasting textures and muted colors, and this summer I got interested in embroidered accessories.  I love wearing something that feels like it belongs on the wall of a medieval castle.  How art thou, strange knight?  Say hello to my jousting sword! 

The top photo shows a bag I picked up at a thrift store on Fairfax.  The second is a vintage box and a Victorian boy's toy car (impulse buy, yes; no regrets).  The third photo is an oversized wallet from a vintage shop in Highland Park.

And yes, the title is a quote from the third Indiana Jones movie.

November 5, 2013


 (Ralph Lauren jacket; United Colors of Benetton pants; Topshop cape; 
costume gloves, pipe, magnifying glass, hat)

Sherlock Holmes is my favorite fictional character, but for some reason, I've never dressed up as him for Halloween.  His costume is pretty straightforward: tweed coat and muted cape, fitted trousers and all the famous accessories.  

I had most of the wardrobe in my closet already - the jacket is vintage Ralph Lauren, which I had tailored to a more precise fit.  It's from some bygone equestrian trend, and runs a bit long for their jackets, which is part of the reason I love it.  I already had the pants; I wore them in a previous post.

Everything else I found in costume shops or online...with the exception of the toy dog, which was supposed to be the Hound of the Baskervilles.

October 21, 2013


(vintage sweater, bebe shorts)

This sweater is covered in enough sequins and jewels to stop a short range missile, and that's kind of why I love it.  How often do you see a single jeweled epaulet?  It reminds me of a sparkly sea anemone (from a different planet).

I don't wear a lot of baby blue, but I love the weight of this sweater.  Whenever I wear it, I feel like a prince on the way to a coronation.  Stacy and I took these photos around her neighborhood, which is filled with sleepy mansions and empty streets.  All the houses are decked out for Halloween, and since we didn't see another living soul, I felt like I was running around on a movie set.

Lately I've been enjoying the faded, unpolished photos that come out of our photo shoots, so I included a few of those as well.

October 17, 2013


 (forever 21 top; gypsy junkies tank c/o; vintage pants; vintage shoes)

High-waisted pants are often synonymous with aging sensibilities, but this pair was so elegant that I couldn't resist.  They look like something a fearsome movie maven would have worn to her film premiere in the early 1940s, critics be damned.  

I love the length; vintage pants almost never fit me.  The piping around the pockets is subtle, and the fit is so graceful that the fabric swishes wherever I walk (or climb).

October 16, 2013

sick day

I don't get sick very often, but when I do, it's bad.  Picture a prairie in Oklahoma, dotted with farmhouses, docile as can be.  A little wind ruffles the grass, and although everything is silent, you know trouble's coming.  Women run outside and fasten the storm shutters, preparing for the worst.  The children know what to do; they run downstairs and lock the hurricane door.  It's okay, they'll survive: they have enough pickled vegetables and tinned meat to last them the next three months.

Got the picture?

Today I felt that storm coming, and I locked myself inside.  Every time I feel a cold coming on, I juice an entire ginger root, squeeze two lemons into a cup with some honey, and then top it all off with boiling water.  It seems to do the trick, but when it doesn't, I barricade myself in my bedroom.  Today I finished Tobias Wolff's memoir, "This Boy's Life" (if I were going to give it a different name, it might be "It's All My Fault and I'm Sorry"), then reorganized my closet and watched The Incredibles.