June 23, 2011

you are unique, you are alone

I found an amazing vest the other day.  it's from the original banana republic, a store founded in mill valley (my hometown, ahem). according to rumor, the original store was filled with jungle plants, jeeps and fog machines.  how cool!

sadly, everything changed when gap bought the store. banana republic no longer sells travel-themed clothing.

banana republic [n]: small country dependent on production of things like bananas.

shirt: american apparel
shorts: bebe
necklace: vintage
headband: banana republic

I found the vest at a thrift store.  there were still some things in the pockets: 
- the instruction guide for a very old camera
- a length of rope
- a pack of old matches

maybe the vest used to belong to an explorer?  I have found some ways to use it myself:

1. food storage

2. observation of wildlife

I want to go on an adventure in the unconquered jungles of south america or even the heart of africa.  who wants to come?


  1. Hello beauty! That is the coolest vest EVER! And the original Banana Republic sounds sooo cool! I hope you enjoy your safari, complete with Junior Mints! I am your newest follower! xox! http://theeedgeofblue.blogspot.com

  2. This is the best! I love the story of what you found in the pockets, holy hell I love treasure! And most importantly: glad to see that my babies are so well taken care of :)

  3. Hee hee! This blog is so cute!
    Love the jacket- it's great!

    Thanks for following :)



  4. Great pictures, and great vest!


  5. i love that style sooo much! nice blog!

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  6. I'm IN! ... But I'd rather go to your hometown of Mill Valley - so unbelievably beautiful! How ever are you going to leave it? Ever shop at Canvas? My friend, whom I lost contact with so I don't really know if I can refer to her as "friend" anymore, ownes/owned it. I remember BR in the early 90's and how it was very Out of Africa themed. Love your necklace and your new purposes for the vest!!! Made me laugh.


  7. I don't live in mill valley anymore, I grew up there! it was hard to leave, but now I live in santa cruz, which is just as cool. and yep, it's going to be a huge change moving to los angeles.
    I haven't heard of canvas! it's in mill valley?

  8. What a cute blog you have! LOVE the vintage BR vest find! And especially that you stuffed it with candy (I'm a candy-holic :) ). Thanks for visiting mine (stellafinds.com)!

    Ann Marie

  9. what a cool thrift store find, i can't believe it had that stuff in the pockets... it really is like someone was using it to go exploring! i love that you paired the vest with those stripes and that INCREDIBLE necklace... you look great!! thanks for the comment on my blog, i hope you'll visit again <3shelby


  10. Good morning Jil!
    How are you? Thanks for your comment on my blog... I'm very happy that you like it! :DDD
    I love yours too! I follow you and I hope you do the same! I wait you between my followers!
    Glamour Marmalade

  11. Come to South America! We can explore jungles and make some rad accessories ala Helen Hunt in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!