August 6, 2011

empty churches

my favorite cafe in santa cruz is called the abbey.
it's an old church, and it's full of trunks and antique furniture and old children's books.

and, of course, one or two skeletons.  

skirt: elie tahari
top: nine west
bag: dooney and bourke
sweater: vintage

I got these shoes when I went to target one night to buy ingredients for root beer floats.  

I'm moving out of santa cruz.  I'm going to be in l.a. in september.  I'm scared because I live in this gorgeous victorian house on a tree-lined street, and the train passes by my kitchen window four times a day.  everything is pretty awesome.
but I need to start my life.  adventure is out there.


  1. those shoes are pretty great. also, oh man, la la land.

  2. I love everything about this post! Your entire outfit, the drawings, the photos... and, you're moving to LA?! So jealous! I'm visiting in October!


  3. good luck moving! LA is a great city!

    your drawings are always so adorable!

  4. Hehe love the little skeleton additions :) What will you be doing in LA?

  5. love it, very personal post :D


  6. Ahh, moving to LA! It will definitely be an exciting new chapter. I still miss living a few blocks away and walking through our neighborhood, but it will always be there. Let's meet at Pergs and go to the farmers' market sometime in September 2013. How does 3:00 sound?

  7. I miss it already, and I'm still here! 3 o'clock sounds divine. seee you sooon

  8. Good luck to you! I went to college in Santa Cruz, but I grew up in L.A. I know you're going to love it. I'm definitely following you to see how it goes!

  9. You will do fine in LA! You have great style... and you can draw skeletons so no problem - you'll fit right in! I hope you keep in touch. I don't know if you have friends here but I'd be glad to help with your orientation!