August 22, 2011


"madam, perhaps you'd like to eat your luggage?" bill murray

this week I cleaned out my room and put all my clothes in boxes.  I've been dealing with the stress by overloading on bill murray and listening to the strokes.  my roommates haven't said anything about the odd combination of hysterical laughter and weeping that comes from my bedroom.  actually, I only cried once, and it was because I was watching this really bad, really emotional billy crystal film.

jacket: st. john's 
mink stole: vintage
dress: vintage

I love this dress.  it looks like something a flight attendant might have worn in the 1970s.  my neighbor gave it to me because she moved to hawaii.


  1. LOVE this dress.. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  2. Words cannot describe how much I adore not only this fabulous outfit, but the fact that you admit to crying to Billy Crystal movies. You are awesome. :)

  3. i mean. wow. you are so adorable and i LOVE this look!

    i am trying to follow your blog but i think Blogger is acting up and i cant find your follow button, grrr! dont worry, i will continue to visit your page until Blogger is fixed and happily follow you! Muah!

    hope you have a great week! xx

  4. I happen to love this old-school flight attendant look on you. You pull it off extremely well!!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. wonderful outfit and photos!! i love your hair style/cut-very cute <3

  6. Love this look on you! The brown striped dress with the navy blazer and fur stole is beautiful! xx

  7. I love a striped dress! It's such an easy look for summer. Perfect on you with the blazer!

  8. gorgeous outfit! nothing like some stripes and blazer to make you feel and look a million dollars. P.s great housemates you had to not distrub you even whilst they may have heard odd crying sounds coming from your room haha

    Anna xo

  9. Love this look!
    so 60's!!