August 17, 2011


this weekend I was all over the map.  I visited my parents, I went to yosemite, and I rode the train for several hundred miles. some weekend accomplishments:
a. I hung out with a bear
b. I saw a 4' rattlesnake
c. I learned to make clothes

alright, the snake was already dead when we saw it.  our neighbor killed it with his shotgun.  he skinned it and he's going to make a hat with the skin.  I may have mentioned that my parents recently moved to the wilderness in northern california?  it's like a movie scene from an old western.  our neighbors keep shotguns and candy dishes in their living rooms.

living in wild california means kill or be killed.
these bees wanted to kill me. 

and I didn't actually hang out with the bear.  I saw him sauntering away through the woods as we were driving through yosemite.  he looked like he had recently been snacking on some stolen peanut butter and one or two german tourists.


  1. a hat? that's madness. i can understand a belt, but a hat? also, i think you've stumbled upon a million dollar idea for a "sexy bee-keepers of america" calendar.

  2. haha! I love that idea, you may have tempted me into doing something quite dangerous. beekeeping in a bikini? why not!
    these neighbors used to be high school principals. he (principal skinner, haha) used to make costumes for their high school capoiera team.

  3. That snake skin is CRAZY. Not sure I can really picture it as a hat, but interesting nonetheless.

  4. The snake skin seriously creeps me out!!!! :) But i'm very jealous of your parents for moving out to the "country western" part of California... so awesome!


  5. Wow!! Amazing!

  6. I should clarify, he's going to add a band of snakeskin to a cowboy hat. a hat made entirely of snakeskin would be very strange indeed.

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    Camilla (Jill's mom)