December 27, 2011

you're a mean one

I grew up in mill valley and now I live in los angeles.  my parents moved up to the california wilderness last year, and so there's really no excuse for me to visit mill valley anymore.  my two best friends from home (sasha and natalie) have both moved away to brighter cities - in sash's case, a brighter country - and I miss going up to the bay.

 but I got my chance this weekend!

we spent the weekend in san francisco.  I mentioned in an earlier post that all of my dad's shirts are tailored.  on friday, my dad took my brother and me to britex, a fabric store where christian louboutin and anna sui shop.  he told us to pick any fabric we wanted, and then we would get our measurements to have shirts made.  britex is four stories tall and full of beautiful fabric.  
how do you choose just one?
my brother had a rather easy time of it.  I knew I wanted something with lobsters because I'm strange.  charmin, the buyer and heiress of britex, escorted me around the story, showing me various fabrics and explaining where they came from. there were fabrics with sailboats, paper doll cut-outs, monopoly pieces, french lettering, candy, spoons, basically anything you can imagine. the fabric I finally chose is something I fell in love with immediately - it reminds me of jules verne and biology books from the 1800s and taschen.  I can't wait to see it become a shirt.

after we went to britex, we went down the street to seymour's, which is my dad's tailor.  it's in a thin building with illuminated marble in the lobby, wide elevators and narrow doors.  I got to choose everything about the shirt, from the amount of buttons to pockets, and even the collar. the shirt will be ready in a few weeks, and I'll post photos!


  1. Can't wait to see how the shirt comes out!

  2. I think you shirt is going to be amazing!

  3. sounds super cool! your father seems cool too!

  4. That shop is amazing!!! Remenber me when I was a child, my mother is needlewoman.

    I think your shirt is going to be so special!

  5. love the print! such cute photos


  6. Wow! What a treat! Reminds me of when I was 12 and my dad took my sister and I to have cowboy boots custom made. We had to choose everything from the leather to the stitching to the heels! It was overwhelming and difficult to choose! Your father is such a sartorialist! Can't wait to see the results of your bespoke shirt Jill...

  7. this is SO cool - what a fun present for your dad to give you (you look a lot like him btw). loving the look of that fabric shop.

    hehe my mom lives up in the california wilderness too and i am visiting her. i'm glad you got to enjoy your hometown for the holidays too :D !

  8. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I love the print you decided on too - creatures of the sea!

  9. What a special day! Awesome that your family can share in the love of fashion together! Happy new year :)

  10. Ohh, such lovely fabrics. I have never been in a fabric store before, I need to get out more ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

    Check out my blog for a review of V Nunes jewelry, thanks ;)

  11. This is SO COOL! Also, how cool is your dad for wearing custom-made shirts? You go, dad!

    xx, Katrina
    Sparkle is a Color

  12. I love your shoes and the bag they are so pretty.& your hairstyles so cool !

  13. that is awesome.i wish i could afford to get all my shirts tailored:(lol. following your blog:)cant wait to see you shirt.

  14. so great having tailored made shirts
    have a stylish 2012
    The Dolls Factory

  15. such a cool ocean creatures print... you'll have to post the shirt!
    Violet Tinder

  16. Two words: Jules Vernes. Says it all!


  17. WOW would love a tailored shirt from there