October 16, 2013

fade to blue

(Vintage shirt; j.crew sweater; thrifted jeans; forever 21 boots)

I almost never wear jeans.  For a long time, denim wasn't really my style, and when I wear pants, I like a certain amount of flexibility.  A few months ago, I found this pair at a thrift store, and I've been wearing them so often that they're finally starting to feel worn in.

The cut and color are simple enough that I feel comfortable dressing them up for a night out, but also I don't feel bad if I throw on a t-shirt and then wear them to go rooting around in my friend's garden.

1 comment:

  1. I love to purchase jeans from thrift stores. They are already have that worn in feel which I love!
    Your outfit is so cute. It is definitely something I would see myself wearing.