November 5, 2013


 (Ralph Lauren jacket; United Colors of Benetton pants; Topshop cape; 
costume gloves, pipe, magnifying glass, hat)

Sherlock Holmes is my favorite fictional character, but for some reason, I've never dressed up as him for Halloween.  His costume is pretty straightforward: tweed coat and muted cape, fitted trousers and all the famous accessories.  

I had most of the wardrobe in my closet already - the jacket is vintage Ralph Lauren, which I had tailored to a more precise fit.  It's from some bygone equestrian trend, and runs a bit long for their jackets, which is part of the reason I love it.  I already had the pants; I wore them in a previous post.

Everything else I found in costume shops or online...with the exception of the toy dog, which was supposed to be the Hound of the Baskervilles.


  1. I love this costume such a great idea!


  2. You look awesome! I love Sherlock and my bff dressed up as the bbc version this year. I like your traditional tweed better though and the dog is a cute touch :)

  3. So smart of you to choose such a unique costume. Very nicely done! :)

  4. This is so awesome! Love it!

    xo, Summer

  5. Haha great look! Awesome and I love your dog

    The Koalafornian x

  6. great look :)